Music Theory


By David Bennett

10 lessons 31 videos 2 hr 7 min

Get comfortable in the fascinating world of music theory in no time with David Bennett’s new Music Theory for Beginners course! Become the best of friends with chord progressions, scales and time signatures under David’s guidance and start your journey to becoming the musician you've always dreamed...More

10 Lessons

31 videos2 hr 7 min
LESSON 13 videos7 min

Introduction to Music Theory

LESSON 23 videos12 min

Major scales

LESSON 33 videos14 min


LESSON 43 videos11 min

Chord progressions

LESSON 53 videos11 min

Seventh chords

LESSON 63 videos10 min

Minor scales

LESSON 73 videos10 min

Pentatonic scales and blues scale

LESSON 83 videos13 min


LESSON 93 videos13 min

Time Signatures

LESSON 104 videos21 min

Stave and Clef

Meet David Bennett

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David Bennett is an accomplished online educator, professional pianist and published composer. He has been sharing his undying passion for music on his YouTube channel since 2018, having grown a following surpassing 700,000 subscribers. David’s teaching style focuses on making music theory not only...Read more

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Music Theory


By David Bennett

10 lessons, 31 videos, 2 hr 7 min

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